Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Stinking, Lying, Elitist, Hypocritical, Extorting, Grasping BBC

A breakthrough in the search for the mysterious odour which has been leaking out from Biased BBC in the past week! One man – and one, apparently, with a surprising past - is responsible for all the following effluent:

the stinking BBC ordinary people hate your fucking guts stinking Beeboid liars you just HAVE to break their fucking elitist, hypocritical heads open the Beeboid instinct to tell people what to think the stinking, lying, nepotistic extorting biased BBC that I am FORCED to pay for some panting Beeboid an effing breathless Beeboid the stinking, lying, cheating, grasping BBC the stinking BBC the stinking BBC the stinking BBC More drip drip lefty crap from the crappy Beeb the vile, grasping, lying, cheating biased BBC The argument for killing Auntie gorws stronger every day the disgusting BBC Die, you stinking, lying offal whoreish Beeboid standards A crappy little pampered Beeboid the Beeboid cow vile little Beeboid creep the stinking, lying BBC lying, stinking, grasping BBC the stinking, lying, extorting BBC the stinking, lying BBC the stinking, lying, thought controlmeisters at the BBC

That’s a lot of stinking. And lying. And almost as much fucking.

So who is this fertile source of sewage? His chosen name is magiclantern1. A life-long Beeb-hater, we presume?

I'm a former journro, btw, and used to wok in a fairly senior position in your stinking cesspit of an organisation.

The word wok threw us for a moment, but we’re pretty sure that you were a journalist and not a Chinese chef.

Anyway, it must have been grim for a man such as yourself. Surrounded by drip drip lefty crap from the crappy Beeb....

Actualy I loved it. There was lots of free time, some very interesting and nice people to talk to, some gorgeous gals in the make-up dept and some very interesting, creative projects to work on...

So, you resigned on a point of editorial principle?

leaving the stinking BBC was a pretty easy decision actually.

Excellent. Like All The President’s Men. Only this time, the liberals are the bad guys…

Happy to tell you why too: I didn't want to work in London (where as you know all important Beeboids must live, presumably to be near to the sacred air of Alan Yentob and Jana Bennet..)

Ahaaa… still, it costs a lot to live in the capital. And the editorial conflict about all that stinking, fucking bias? That must have been something…

and I wanted something better than "fairly" senior. And a bigger wage packet

To deliver all that stinking, fucking bias, no doubt. Still you had the showdown eventually over all that stinking, fucking bias?

(look, I did say a "fairly senior" position - of course if I was one of the 49 super-grabbers who get more than £350,000 a year AND get to breathe Mr Yentob's or Ms Hunt's air I would have stayed, naturally).

I suppose you could swallow a lot of stinking, fucking bias for £350k p.a.. Who couldn’t?

Also they gave me a redundancy settlement which can only be described as extravagant. Such is the BBC eh?

And such are its most foul-mouthed critics. Praise the Lord for Biased BBC!

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