Tuesday, 18 August 2009

iPhones Are Gay Just Like The BBC

Martin is Biased BBC's leading social campaigner. His contributions are legendary; few can match him in delivering so strongly the intriguing argument that the BBC is being run by gay hedonists whilst it simultaneously supports the Taliban.

Like a tireless Victorian vicar ministering to hopeless prostitutes, he is relentless in returning to cesspits of vice...but only in the hope of saving us all from their clutches.

Lately, he's been pointing his keyboard at Pink Filth:

Apple is seen as "kool"

Is that, y'know, code for a kind of gay sex?

most beeboids own an iphone.

Check their expenses. They've been buying hundreds and handing them out to all their Islington chums.

It would appear it has a really good application for attracting homosexual rent boys

My God! The Queers have invited Pinktooth®!

(I kid you not so that's probably why it's so popular at the BBC)

Nothing else useful or desirable about the iPhone. Nothing at all.


That explains those billboards around Shepherds Bush: iPhone 3G = 4GAYS

I suggest those with sensitive dispositions don't go to the link!!!

Oh, Martin...you've gone, and you saved us all the trouble! How...sweet... of you!


  1. *paging Dr Freud! Dr Freud to Biased-BBC. Stat!*

  2. Dr Freud would not have enough tools in his armoury to deal with the sense of rage, the frustration that the rest of the world isn't to the right of Genghis Khan, the titanic insecurities and ego massage on show on the blog and its comment panels.

    A long, long time ago, the blog stopped analysing bias and created another version of the BBC in which at every corner gay islamic communists infiltrated the country's largest media organisation with the sole purpose of subverting the moral compass of a gullible nation.

    David Vance is a case study in all himself. A failed politician, a bit part player of the punditocracy and, judging by his rather fruity views I suspect a bit of a failure as a human being. But, perhaps he is kind to puppies and kittens and always leaves the loo seat down. Who knows?

  3. David Vance sits to piss, and I can offer no higher praise of the man than that. Neither, obviously, could anyone else.