Saturday, 8 August 2009

Our Spineless Generals

The price of Bias-hunting is eternal vigilance. And David Vance is our very own early-warning system. Once again, he's found treachery at al-Beeb. And from a surprising source:

I see that Al Beeb has been giving much publicity to the comment from Gen Sir David Richards the incoming head of the Army...

Excellent. At last al-Beeb is talking to proper chaps. From the Army. Not the Defeatist Legions of Lefties.

the comment from Gen Sir David... that "nation-building" in Afghanistan could last decades. Now, I am not sure why Gen Richards is pontificating on matters political

Isn't he talking about his own job? And those of the people who work with him?

The BBC does not ask

Where's Paxman when you need him?

nor am I clear on why the BBC could not find any commutator who might take issue with this

Commutator? I'm indebted to Wikipedia for
this definition: a rotary electrical switch in certain types of electric motor or electrical generator that periodically reverses the current direction between the rotor and the external circuit.

Is the British Army the rotor? Or the external circuit? (I'm not surprised the BBC have taken time sorting this out, David!)

My own view is are not there to nation build nor win hearts and minds, we are there to kill as many Islamic terrorists as possible and minimise the risk to our country.

Let's slaughter as many as we can find! Slot an Afghan and win a Mini Clubman....

Oh, what's this?

The Army
are there at the invitation of the democratically elected Afghan Government, under an endorsed United Nations mandate, to maintain security, build legitimate governance and promote economic development.

Which Quisling Bastard wrote that? Al-Beeb, I bet.

No, hang on... it's the Army itself. David, why does everyone let us down?