Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Right Behind The Shirtlifters

Biased BBC is in overdrive to counter the BBC's deviousness in running a story about the cruelty of Islamic law in Sudan. As B-BBC guru David Vance warned his flock earlier, it's all a smokescreen to cover al-Beeb's real intention: Promoting the very same Muslim faith.

Heavyweight commentators Martin and Paddy now introduce us to their deep understanding of Islamic injustice to homosexuals:

Martin writes:

the BBC are openly telling lies to protect Muslims whilst the rest of the media are telling us the truth.

The bastards. Reporting the case of a woman threatened with the lash for wearing trousers is just bound to make us feel all protective towards Sudan and its take on Islamic law.

I'd like to ask why the BBC never goes big on homosexuals being hung in Iran?

Martin, aren't you the one always asking if everyone who admires the BBC takes it up the arse? (And didn't Panorama's Jane Corbin seem interested in Iranian gays a couple of weeks ago?)

On the subject of gay executions, Gratuitous + Obvious Comment chips in:

some of them are VERY well hung!!

Gays have big willies. And they've been hung from the neck until dead! Hilarious! Have you thought of approaching Radio 4 for your own comedy series?

Paddy thinks Biased BBC is terribly misunderstood:

Just because we believe the beeb has an over representation of our shirtlifting bretheren

Well put.

... doesnt mean we support hanging them.

Humanity is grateful for that. And is it true that you have some interesting gay-related programme ideas for a revived BBC?

Maybe a saturday night show not presented by a gay. Just one would be a change. ...

It might, though that would be news to the wives/girlfriends and children of Richard Hammond, Nick Knowles, Tim Lovejoy and Gary Lineker, all of whom presented shows on BBC One on Saturday. As did Anne Robinson, who is also resolutely hetero.

Why not produce a show with only black people on BBC1 and not patronise them with tokenism like in eastenders

Brilliant. Don't patronise. Ghetto-ise...

And heres a real stretch why not try a couple of right wing comedians to balance the repetitive ground hog day that is BBC stand up output.

You're booked for sure. Toss-up now between Martin and Vance for the other slot....

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