Friday, 21 August 2009

The Blacks And Their Greens

Biased BBC is rightly suspicious about anything with the word Green in front of it. Environmental concern is all a New Liebour con which the BBC peddles unthinkingly. Obviously.

Contributors do make an exception for green fingers. Gardening is good. But even here, dangers lurk:

Anonymous writes:

Just received this month's copy of BBC Gardener's World.

Bet the pulse was racing.

Flicking through it I noticed what I thought was an article about growing veg in the developing world.


On closer inspection it seems to be an article about teaching kids about veg at inner city schools (London I think).

WTF? If I wanted that, I'd order BBC Inner City Schools Veg World.

Magazines are usually edited 3-6 months before going to print so hopefully this will be the last crap article for a while.

Isn't that a non-sequitur? Or possibly a non-secateurs?

hopefully this will be the last crap article for a while.

You never can tell. They might throw in something about allotments in Handsworth next. Then where would you be?

On second thoughts, I'm going to cancel my subscription.

Probably for the best. BTW, they do a nice patio furniture column in the Eugenics Express. Right up your street.

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