Friday, 7 August 2009

The Sewage Index

Our environmental unit monitors sewage output from Biased BBC. Figures for the last 48 hours are just in, and outflow has been maintained at exceptional levels, with an especially high gaseous content:

rubbish interviewing gloating sympathies always lie with terrorists and criminals demonizing disgraceful schadenfreude and gloating vile whoreish Beeboid standards Beeboid cow patronising hypocrisy stinking, lying BBC offensive dhimmified propaganda Fuck these people. Really. Fuck them. lying, stinking, grasping BBC disgraceful stinking, lying, extorting BBC encouraging terrorism jerks all it understands is appeasement The BBC is not neural highly slanted, anti-British, Marxist-inspired cowards disgusting filthy left wing propaganda bloated over blown period dramas anti-democratic bias getting worse and worse disseminating racist and hate propaganda this noxious organisation toxic promoting terror and hate crimes morally reprehensible farrago of half-truths and distortions The BBC's resident bimbo dripping bias with every slanted report routinely honing their prejudices to razor sharpness cut glass accented bimbo rubbish should be roundly ashamed indefensible a wanton infringement of free speech immature student politics well known for weasel words absolute suckers for the glamour of evil SHIT aptly describes the BBC and its defenders diversionary scare stories The establishment are playing games with your mind

Our panel of experts was pleased with the richness of the mix, though the phrase The BBC is not neural had to be sent away for specialised tests. Results not yet in.

Ingredients identified: (* = a new record)

Uncontrolled diarrhoea (18%)

Undigested stomach contents (24.3%)

Sanity pads (12%)

Assorted fruit & nut (33%) *

Shoulder chips (11.2%)

UK Unionist Party (1.5%)

Legal disclaimer: The establishment are playing games with your mind.


  1. I hate to ask but what are you trying to do?
    I can kind of see what the anti BBC site is doing (though it seems to vary between well informed comment + chaotic madness), but are you a protest site, a artwork in progress or what?
    All a bit mad really, think I'll stick to CH4

  2. I work at one of the BBC's many glamorous and luxurious locations. Every day as I walk to my desk I pass the simple memorial that remembers some of the BBC staff killed fighting in WWII.
    I'm sure they would support the right of B-BBC to say what they do. But I happen to think it's a website of cowardly, offensive idiots who can't even comprehend the sacrifice they made or understand the framework of British life the corporation offers.

  3. I have another look at both your sites and find you all beyond belief.
    The BBC person seems to be every bit as offensive as the Biased People.
    The sooner we have rid of you all the better

  4. Like a haiku written by a a marmoset with brain damage...

  5. That sums up this whole site very well.