Sunday, 9 August 2009

The British Race War 2009: Souvenir Issue

Few things get sections of Biased BBC more, um, aroused than the prospect of giving Muslims a swift comeuppance. So the news of a confrontation between anti-Islamic protestors and anti-fascist groups in the Midlands brought forth hallelujahs:

Anton was in apocalyptic mode:

And so the conflict begins.

Can you try not to sound quite so end-of-days? It scares the unconverted.

I wonder which side the BBC will take?

We can only hope for a late conversion to the boot-boy cause.

Cassandra long ago embraced his/her inner BNP member - (s)he once bravely suggested that Biased BBC’s Jewish readers should be friends with Nick Griffin's party. This time, (s)he has a scoop:

While British troops fight the islamist heathens wasting billions of pounds and hundreds of lives the huge increase in hostile islamist colonists goes unreported and unoticed.

Except by you. Well done.

The islamic colonists hate us like poison, they view us as not human and make no mistake about this if they manage to gain the whip hand over us they will treat us like dogs!

Try not to sugar it….

when they reach a critcal mass there will be civil war and strife as surely as night follows day, we are heading for a Balkans style nightmare and whats worse is that we can see it coming

Wasn’t the original Cassandra doomed never to be believed? Any chance you might be exceeding your own credibility here?

nightwatch is predicting a BBC cover-up before it’s even happened:

watch the attached video quickly before the beeb delete it.

I’ve got it on loop. Mustn’t waste a second before Big Brother Beeb orders us to forget we ever saw it.

It has a Muslim talking about people condemning Islam as wicked religion".....that isnt anti-fascist.....that is blatant flag-waving....of the green kind.

I wish Jonathan Porritt would stay out of this.

...which culminates with a muslim woman chanting "OUR-STREETS, OUR-STREETS"!!

I’d stick another exclamation mark or two on that. Also, I fear that the Consolidated Taxation (Oi Islamics, Don’t Think You’ve Got A Single Fucking Stake In This Country) Act has not been as successful as we had hoped.

in the end the BBC leave us in ignorance on these anonymous people!

At no point is it mentioned these are "militant islamists" or any kind of commentary by the BBC

Possibly because these are raw news pictures?

piggy kosher moves the story on. It’s no longer a bad-tempered demo. It’s apartheid....

The red line is crossed when no- go areas can be allowed to develop in mainland Britain in the first decade of the 21st century, based purely on religious difference and an apparent complete antipathy to the culture and religions of the host country.
Wake up.

No offence. I wasn't sleeping. I was just blinking slowly. But hasn’t Islam long been one of the religions of the, erm, host country?

Robert S. McNamara speaks for many.

I don't watch much - if any TV - these days for the obvious reasons,

Good man. I find if I concentrate hard and place my fingers just so I can still find out what the bastards are doing.

but isn't Shappi Khorsandi the woman they pushed forth into the public's gaze following 9/11


to try to get us to ignore the life and times of Muhammad, the Qur'an, the actions by Muslims in the 1400 years since Islams invention, and generally take leave of all our senses in order to come to the conclusion that Islam in a useful, progressive, peaceful, tolerant ideology?

As she’s proud of being a Humanist and wasn’t raised in the religion, I doubt it.

Or is that some other no-discernible-talent nonentity given prominence purely because of her skin tone/ethnicity?

Something tells me you don’t want an answer to that.

Martin has been doing the maths. Well, having a damn good guess, anyway...

I've always sais that I believe that the real number of Mzzie's festering here is nearer 5 million (the population of Scotland)

That’s based on?

We know that the census is never filled out correctly, that also when it comes to immigration the Government only ever counts the head of the family. That excludes the 4 wives, 20 kids and endless grandparents and cousins.

Aaaah. OK.

This Country is finished. Within 20 years the call to prayer will be a legal requirement for us all.

At least the homosexuals at the BBC can relax, their rights will be well protected under Sharia law.

Which might be a reason why an organisation which Biased BBC says is over-endowed with gays is unlikely to be ushering in a British Islamic revolution… another tenet of B-BBC belief.

boy blue has muscled in on Cassandra’s prophecy patch…

You can be sure that none of the chattering classes will stick around long enough to witness the inevitable social collapse.

Jeez. Why do you guys never predict anything useful? Like the winner of next year’s Derby?

They would have long fled to their little bolt holds in some lily-white enclave of rural France, or places further a field.

My bolt hold is easily accessible via EasyJet.

Nope, it’ll be left to us, the ordinary folk, to face the music for what these bastards have done to our country.

Relax. It’ll be something soothing by Cat Stevens. He goes down well at the mosque.

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