Friday, 21 August 2009

Hitler, You Old Lefty

The charge sheet against the curmudgeonly old cops in the BBC's New Tricks is growing by the day. So far, Biased BBC has complained that in previous episodes:

1) the villain was a white, middle-class, heterosexual Englishman.

2) almost unbelievably, an American legally living in the UK is shouted at

Now Douglas brings further grim news:

The New Tricks episode was sadly bias.

As opposed to hilariously bias?

I love the programme, the writing and the cast but the BBC has got it totally wrong tonight.

Not again.

First they described Nazism as far right whereas the National Socialist German Workers' Party was clearly left wing.

Known for it. The world over.

Second they made the comparison between a left wing activist as opposed to being a racist thug.

If your heart wasn't in the right place, I'd be making the comparison between someone who can write English and someone who can't.

The clear implication was that the opposite of left wing activists, right activists, are racist thugs.

Nazis are racist thugs? Fuck me.

The BBC is guilty of this across all its output due to its inherent political bias.

Time to end this bias against Nazis. I think we all agree.

Anonymous says even the Radio Times has it in for New Tricks:

The review of this episode, is described as 'awful and awkward', my precise of their review.

Your precise what?

Even the Beeb's own publication cannot hide as to what happens when 4th rate writers produce contrived plots for political ends.

Are you sure 4th rate is not a trifle generous? You seem so gifted yourself.


  1. Watermans Third Nipple21 August 2009 at 14:07

    You can say what you like about Hitler, but he sure did redistribute the wealth and shortened queues in Hospitals (okay, mainly by killing people and removing their gold teeth but hey... eggs and omelettes, eggs and omelettes)