Saturday, 8 August 2009

Crabs For Two, Please

The un-embarrassable David Vance has scratched an itch which the BBC would surely prefer to avoid. Amazingly, he's been invited inside the Beeboid heart of darkness to do it.

I will be ON the BBC tomorrow morning - BBC Radio Ulster, Sunday Sequence hosted by the genial William Crawley, just after 9am.

I'm booked on the early flight to Belfast Harbour. Mustn't miss it.

The topic being discussed is, as I would choose to put it, race hustling.

Let's see how they wriggle out of that.

The parasites in the "anti-racism" industry, like those in the "anti-poverty" industry are professional whingers...

Unlike Biased BBC. We're amateur whingers. And proud of it.

in it for the pubic funds...

If there are any pubic funds going, I would like my fair slice. And if there have to be parasites getting into our genital hair, they might as well be indigenous.

But let us be charitable in our moment of triumph...

I think we can concede this: For once, the BBC are getting something right. Mr Crawley is definitely the man for this job.


  1. Did you notice how AndrewSouthLondon said, 'Distrust any position which describes itself as "anti-(issue)". Its offers a false choice, as if the opposite must be "pro-(issue)"'

    Dangerous position to take on an anti-BBC blog...

  2. Consistency not its great virtue. Plus he's probably afraid someone will start an anti-piano wire movement. Then where would we be?