Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Is That A Wheelbrace In Your Pocket Or...

The ground-breaking tribute act that is Robert S McNamara - a permanently enraged BBC critic pretending he's a dead US diplomat - is back. And so is his tyre iron.

Robert's trusty tool has been lying in wait for swine-flu victims for a couple of weeks now. But a typically-thoughful Biased BBC piece - on a Labour MP walking out of a Muslim wedding where men and women were kept apart - brings it glinting into daylight.

I've got no sympathy for this guy.

Are you sure he's looking for it?

He should know by now - especially if he's got a large number of Mohammedans in his constituency - that Islam treats women (and homosexuals and infidels, especially Jews) like sewage.

I wondered why my drains had been clogged lately.

Ignorance is not an excuse.

It's practically compulsory on Biased BBC

It's nobody's fault but his own for (no doubt) mindlessly repeating the 'Islam is a peaceful, tolerant religion with Skittles and unicorns' mantra,

No doubt.

a peaceful, tolerant religion with Skittles and unicorns' mantra, when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Spot on. Skittles is actually a Tory concept, like spinsters on bicycles and cricket on the village green. A New Labour MP would be down the Skateboard Park with da kids instead. And unicorns are definitely Lib Dem.

He should've sat there and let Islam's true nature reveal itself to him like a tyre iron around the back of his head.

That is a mighty tyre iron you've got there. First Paul Gambaccini. Then Swine-Flu Zombies. Now Jim Fitzpatrick MP.

Hell, he's lucky he didn't get his head sawed off to cries of 'Allahu Ackbar!' and ululations,

He probably brought the newlyweds a nice toaster from John Lewis. Otherwise they'd have done the head-sawing thing. For sure.

Update: Robert will have some entertainment on his swine-flu watch....

That ball-room dancing faggotry program is starting again soon. Great news, huh?


  1. Wait... Admiral Ackbar was a Muslim? I can't remember that in Star Wars.

  2. This whole story must have caused all manner of confusion at B-BBC as to which form of evil was to be vilified. If they decided to go with the "Evil Islams separating people at weddings" line, then there was a risk it might become "Hooray for ZaNuLiebour MP". OTOH, if they attacked the MP, they would just end up looking like ill-informed twats, and that would never do...

  3. You're right. The tyre iron was the clever choice. It's the Skittles I don't quite get...