Tuesday, 18 August 2009

How To Monitor BBC Bias

Biased BBC is a model for anyone who wants to change the world by challenging public opinion. As its masthead proclaims, it revels in Exposing The Reporting Bias Of The BBC.

But how best to achieve this? An excellent case study is head honcho David Vance's current complaint about the way the BBC reported Hillary Clinton's recent tour of Africa. The charge: The coverage was, er, glowing, apparently.

Now... over to Team B-BBC's penetrating analysis of the BBC's behaviour. Marvel as the regulars take verbal scalpels to the corrupt flesh of BBC misinformation, line by line:

1. (Hillary's) not fit to be in a position of power.

2. If Africa's future is up to Africans does that mean we can stop chucking money at it?

3. Wasn't there a slight omission from the BBC report on Africa? The BBC can't even see the elephant in Africa... (surely Attenborough's up to speed on the big fellas)...Oh... Islam in black Africa

4. I doubt very much that the encroachment of Islam is top of the list of concerns of Sub-Saharan Africans to be honest.

5. If I were a Christian out there, it would be very high on the list of my concerns.

6. seeing its rampent corruption everywhere you look i will not donate to african charities.

7. (A long list of shocking crimes from South Africa, and then...) Not that you would know that South Africa is a more violent country than Iraq if you let the BBC do your thinking....

8. I'm not so sure that South Africans are not worried about Islamic groups operating in South Africa

9. Everyone knows the middle east and Africa are fooked, but there's no point rubbing it in.

10. We really should leave well alone, let them slaughter each other until there is no one left or they come to their senses.

11. I'm not sorry to be a White european.

12. (Quotes Obama: "Africa's future is up to Africans") ... and how much aid money they can get out of the West.

Let's summarise:

Biased BBC set out to show that the BBC covered Hillary's African trip in a biased way.

David Vance said the coverage was glowing. Any other evidence which Exposes The Reporting Bias Of The BBC on the Secretary of State's visit?

Why, yes: Twelve B-BBC experts chip in:

One says Hillary's not fit for her job. (Suck on that, BBC.)

Four argue about whether Africa's too Islamic. (In your face, BBC Hillary coverage....)

Six reckon Africa is fooked one way or another. (Almost certainly the BBC's fault)

One feels superior about being a white European.

How do BBC journalists trudge into work each day, knowing that they labour under such a lacerating spotlight?

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