Monday, 10 August 2009

The Sewage Index: There Will Be Blood

Despite the cost of their special protective gear, our environmental team continue to monitor the sewage outflow from Biased BBC. They report a persistent noxious odour and some interesting flavours of vomit in the last 72 hours.

Supidity, It's what we do crummy beeboid tactics hype'N'spin pro-Islam defeatist English mentality outriders of stealth jihad Why is there no station for white people Dont you get SICK of being lied to day in day out? the BBC lies (and boy does it lie) feeble, leftist crap supports international Islamist terrorism dross a single, self-appointed, self-perpetuating Leftist 'elite' the scum that work there out of all control silly bunch of self-serving, lying idiots tell them to fuck off like a bent referee a corporate race hustler vile multi-culti twaddle spews out disgusting one-sidedness these bastards stupid pointless terrorist-loving student union politics garbage British Brainwashing Corps a propaganda channel for every piece of Jihadist trash tripe an utter, utter disgrace stupid spouting yet more crap morally corrupt gutless dhimmis crap at news ignorant sickening drug addicts and rent boy users Utter horse c*ck a thoroughly vile organisation A self perpetuating hypocrisy wanting the BBC's throat publically slit

We don't normally issue awards for prize sewage - what would the trophy have to look like? But we do think there's something wonderful about: Supidity, It's what we do

Disturbing flecks of blood appeared in the latest sample, which means someone should be seeing the poo-doctor. And soon. (Possibly the person who fantasises about wanting the BBC's throat publically slit)

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