Thursday, 27 August 2009

Stabbing's Bad. Unless You Skewer Swampy.

David Vance, the fire-breathing Ulster Loyalist who gives Biased BBC its, um, gravitas, has no time for the Climate Campers. And neither, amazingly, do his sidemen....

David Vance: I see that the eco-wackos will be out in force today, causing disruption for Londoners and costing the taxpayer lots of cash.

I agree. Should we set a limit on public gatherings to save the taxpayer some cash? While you're on, how much does the much-disputed Ulster parade season cost to police?

Yet if one reads this report on the "Climate Camp" from the BBC one could be forgiven for thinking this is an outing from the Salvation Army rather than a hard left rabble

Having trouble with my browser, I think. My version is a straight account of the event. Have you enabled some special filter?

with nothing better to do but threaten and disrupt the lawful activities of other citizens.

Must have missed the legislation which removed public protest as a lawful activity.

Note the casual slur on the police

Browser trouble again. No sign of a slur on my screen.

whose liberal bosses seem to have responded to the previous media onslaught by "building relationships" with these loons.

How queer! The police talking to people who will be exercising their right to gather in public. They'll be talking to the minorities next.

cockney: I'd estimate that 80% of people were perfectly happy with the police's approach last time

Possibly not an exhaustive survey, considering that a non-participant
ended up dead after being knocked down by a policeman.

I see Stratford is on the list. Hopefully a few dispersing West Ham & Millwall fans will say hello on their way past.

Yesss! Eco-protestors bad. Knife-wielding football hooligans good.

DJ: The only difference between what happened at the footy last night and what's going to happen today is the supposed cause the scumbags in question claim to be fighting for.

Excellent point. The BBC needs to realise:

1. Tribal rivalry between footy fans is at the very least equivalent to concern for the environment.
2. Stabbing people is par for the course when you want to reduce CO2 emissions.

pounce: for some strange reason the bBC has posted up 8 meeting points for people who wish to partake in anarchy for the next week or so.

Out-fecking-rageous. Oh... what's this?
Reuters are naming 5 locations. Blimey - the Torygraph gives 6, and the Independent names 12! Even the money-men's bible, the FT, gives us 11!

As a so called responsible Impartial News outlet ...

Not sure how that fails impartiality. It's information, not a point of view.

...with a remit to those who pay the TV tax. (Unlike a lot of these so called protesters)

Outstanding research, pounce. How did you manage to check that fact?

Is it right for the bBC to be seen taking sides with a political organization whose remit for the next week or so is to cause as much trouble for the people they will target,

Quite right. But what about the other media who published the meeting points? If you get going on a Biased FT blog, I'll kick start a Biased Telegraph.

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  1. I read "pounce" as "ponce". I don't think I was far off the mark.