Thursday, 20 August 2009

A Cap In Yo Ass, CBBC

Cassandra has taken a break from prophesying race wars to the Biased BBC faithful. With typical sensitivity, (s)he's surfing youth culture:

Think of the BBCs presentation of 'yoof culture' for example


almost exclusively ultra hip

True dat!

with plenty of inner city kidz jumpin around like chimps at teatime

Chimps, you say...

jumpin around like chimps at teatime


but hardly anything about organisations that instill old fashioned virtues in youngsters like hard work/honour/duty

Why you ain't Head Of CBBC, bro?

naaah these are just too old fashioned for the hip BBC,

Shiiiit, man. Dis fucked up

much better to present da kidz as trainee inner city gangster rappers getting jiggy with they Hoes and presenting girls as mini would be crack whores just being groomed to take their rightful place of a gun wielding gangster in the feral inner city jungle etc ad nauseum!

Word up, mofo! Teatime TV done changed a lot since I was a, um, chimp...

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