Thursday, 13 August 2009

Bath Night For Gay Footballers

The BBC does not report on gay issues. It is an "echo chamber for gay rights activists". It does not run stories about gay people. It runs "gay rights propaganda." And David Vance's robust dismissal, today, of a survey about homophobia at football grounds brings out the best in Biased BBC.

Martin knows the score: The BBC has to give us the "gay angle" for everything, followed probably by the Muslim angle and them the womens angle.

Why can't they do the same for the BNP? Then they'd have a right angle.

It's all upset a "Dundee wifey" named subrosa: I'm sick to death of hearing about gay rights etc so as soon as I hear the words the TV goes off.

I'd check the TV if I were you, subrosa. There should be more than one channel at any one time. Even in Dundee.

George R is hoping for a career in standup: What a heterosexual footballer now has to say in communal team bath after a match, to fellow homosexual in bath:

A fellow homosexual? I thought the first guy was straight? Anyway... the punch-line:

'There's nothing nicer for a heterosexual like me than having a bath with someone of the homosexual community'.

George, It's so bad, it's almost.... No, it's just bad.

dave s has done a quick bit of mass psychiatry: Our society is going raving mad. Is this a real issue worth even discussing?

David Vance made it his hot topic. So it must be.

I once put forward, to a gay audience, the "Fact" that on the old Great Western Railway there were no homosexuals ever employed.


It was a contradiction in terms. They were all on the London Midland.

Good grief. Even George's joke was better than that. Honestly.

It was treated as the absurd statement it truly was.

You don't say.

Today I would probably be sent for re-education or worse.

What could be worse than that joke?

It is the unreality of our lives in this time which is so wearing and so destructive of our futures.

That... Or the collective sense of humour on B-BBC.

George R wants another go. Brave man:

Some homosexual players want to get into the bath with the rest of the heterosexual football team.


And Labour and BBC are determined that such activity is promoted.

Are we trying surreal here? No... you're serious..

Any objections, and it's legal action against heterosexuals.

Anything else would be a breach of the Immunity For Homosexuals Act.

Of course, if/when Britain becomes Islamised, with the connivance of the dhimmi political left (inc. BBC), what then for homosexuality, under Shariah law?

Excellent point, only slightly undermined by the fervent Biased BBC belief that the Islamifying BBC is simultaneously run by homosexuals.

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  1. I'm just justin fashanu would love George R were he still with us