Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Gibbets Are Coming

Andrew South London has been filling Biased BBC readers in on his extermination plans for the BBC hierarchy. Last month, he promised that the corporation's head of news would meet her fate on piano wire.

Now, it seems, she won't be the only one:

As each day passes the BBC become more of an object of ridicule

Par for the course for stinking cesspits of bias.

I actually believe so... from scanning all the media output daily, and counting the increasing frequency of voices across a wide range of opinion that have seized on how our national state broadcaster looks increasingly marooned,

Flash floods around Shepherds Bush the other night. But not that bad really...

cast as East Germany in the 1960-70s's, reciting tractor production statistics.

Is that something to do with The Archers? Or maybe Farming Today?

Its profligate expenses, five of the ten largest public-sector pension pots in Britain, its rejection of FOI despite its compulsory public funding, its Obama-echo, its Warmist sheep-bleating, its disgraceful Palli-shill,

That's quite a charge sheet. Even if a lot of it is in your strange Biased BBC dialect. Can we start with the sheep? Is this going to be like The Silence Of The Lambs?

its daily vile management of news to promote Gordon

Always been a Thomas man myself. He was a useful engine.

or put off the day the lamposts of White City are all full.

Gulp! Wouldn't the News Boss's execution be enough? Teach the others a lesson they'll never forget? All that FOIObamaEchoSheepWarmingShilpaPalling... they'll bitterly regret it. For sure.

A great organisation laid low by socialism,

If swine flu doesn't get them first.

the mental-illness-of-choice of the greasy-pole climbing classes

I wouldn't be so hard on yourself. You're just...stressed. Have a lie down

...until now. Its coming to an end Beeboids, and you know it.

Is it piano wire all round, then? Or just for the News bods?

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