Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Mob Rule (Suspension of Democracy) Act

Cassandra is the nearest thing Biased BBC has to a Reconciliation Commission. Lately, (s)he's been urging Jewish readers to chum up with the BNP. Now (s)he's worried about Britain's tribes:

in a first world dempcracy we the people are represented by our ELECTED peers who look after our interests, its called democratic representation.

Yes indeed. Apart from the House Of Lords. That's not ELECTED.

When did this change to include anyone who can raise a mob?

Must have missed The Mob Rule (Suspension of Democracy) Act 2008. Typical BBC, failing to tell us about it...

The UK has become in parts a third world sytem of tribal governance where democracy is alien and tribal loyalty is everything.

Jesus H Christ! Are some of our MPs missing? Replaced by village headmen? Where were the police?

Instead of eradicating this alien system and forcing wouldbe/wannabe leader immigrants to either stand for election or piss off back to their tribal homelands the governing class started to talk to and crawl to these self styled community leaders.

White Man Come In Big Silver Whirlybird. Only language they understand.

With millions of third world immigrants now entrenched in our society with no incentive to give up their third world customs

Apart from earning a living, getting an education, keeping a home around them, skirting clear of the police and voting on TV talent shows...

we have a two tier society, one is democratic and one is tribal/undemocratic and the governing class view them both as equal with equal merit.

Isn't Old Labour also keen on reforming the House Of Lords? Careful - don't let David Vance hear you!

An illiterate female child straight from a third world village is traded like a comodity for cash and brought to the UK, little more than a slave/cash cow/child factory speaking no English and a product of a backward tribal system.

Glad to see that this posting has a social conscience.

This child has no grounding in UK customs and law, isolated from society she lives the life of a slave used and abused there simply to breed serve and bring in the state benefits.

An outrage. How do we start to tackle that litany of misery? I'm guessing it's the benefits you'd go for first...

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