Monday, 31 August 2009

Muslims. Paedos. No Difference.

It falls to all great leaders to learn the bitter truth that not everyone has the stomach for the fight, no matter how brave or principled their cause may be.

Such is the fate of Biased BBC's visionary David Vance, a no-nonsense Ulsterman, who has today called for a new campaign against BBC bias - the demand that al-Beeb should label all sex offenders by their religion (but only when they're Muslim).

The sad news is that two of his colleagues, the treacherous Natalie Solent and the deviant sue, have demurred, as have a number of regular posters. Shame be their name.

The good news is that there are still some brave stalwarts. Here is the Roll Call of Heroes:

David Vance: Passwala, who was convicted of sex offences in 1996, is described as Asian, 5ft 7in tall, of stocky build with black/grey hair and a full beard."

Plus there's a photo. That should help the public identify him.

"Asian", eh? Mmmm,

Mmmm indeed. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

I think there's another word that the BBC appears to have overlooked.

Orangeman? Catholic? Coal miner?


Aaaah, right. They left out....Muslim. Of course.

Allan@Aberdeen: Taken from the practices of their prophet who is seen as 'the perfect man' and is to be emulated by muslims, doesn't that make all muslim males a danger to women, especially white, western women?

We're all living in fear, Allan. And not just the women. But it's good to know there's a feminist among us.

David Vance has thought of another problem with the BBC's report: Wonder what Chinese people think about this? They're Asian, aren't they?

Killer point, David. Only slightly undermined that the man in the photo doesn't look remotely Chinese.

Anonymous clearly has forensic training. Though perhaps not at FBI level:

Mentioning he was muslim would have helped to trace him. Muslims tend to live together and most attend mosques. It would give imans a chance to ask their flock if they knew of his whereabouts. They also dress differently and have beards which would narrow the search.

Excellent. Condemned by his beard. And he could do nothing about it. Except perhaps shave. Oh, and avoid the mosque.

Hilbert says what he presumes we're all thinking: if we need a word that takes in both his Asianess and his Muslimness, how about Paki?

Not sure that absolutely nails the prejudice about his religion. But it's close...

John Stephens: Of course Religion is relevant to criminality, and Islam is significant because of the way it encourages sexual deviancy (from our laws) and affects rehabilitation.

It's sinful if a Muslim is not fiddling with kiddies. We all know that.


  1. Why does Anonymous want David Bowie's wife to ask some sheep questions about where a rapist is?

  2. Adam. It's obvious: Because you can't trust the BBC.

  3. "It's sinful if a Muslim is not fiddling with kiddies. We all know that."


  4. Surprisingly enough, sexual deviancy is not limited to fiddling with kiddies (though it may well be in your world).

    Imam Bilal Philips describes very well the kind of Islamic laws instituted by the 'prophet'.

  5. "Imam Bilal Philips describes very well the kind of Islamic laws instituted by the 'prophet'."
    Rather unusual thing for an Imam to do, isn't it?