Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Health Advice Is For Cissies

Biased BBC knows how to sniff out the scandal behind a scandal. (And sometimes the scandal behind that). Take the recent advice from the World Cancer Research Fund that parents should put less processed meat in kids' sandwiches because of the long-term cancer risk: The innocent consumer might think the BBC had just picked up on an interesting bit of health advice. Thank God that Biased BBC is on hand to put us all right....

Heads On Poles sent out the first alert:

Pravda website now telling parents not to put ham in lunch boxes as it will give your children cancer.

BBC = Soviet propaganda. Nudge-nudge. Say no more.

The big stories as they happen.....

Ham carries a cancer risk. Who cares, except Pravda-BBC?

Martin: Another non story. Bowel cancer happens (like most cancers) to the elderly,

Only old people! Hope I die before I get old... preferably by o/d-ing on bacon.

yet these wankers really think some non report about eating ham (you see you'd all be better off eating nuts and berries) which might just might make a difference 60 years down the line.

And what kind of parent would give a toss about their child's long-term health?

I don't know anyone who forces ham or bacon down the mouths of their kids on a daily basis anyway.

No indeed. We're too busy forcing KFC down ours.

The BBC, "shite is what we do"

Make that bacon-flavoured...

Roger C spots the big picture: Anyone noticed that it is only ham or bacon that is bad (in BBC land) for sandwiches?

Now you mention it. Apparently Blue Peter has been telling the brats to take pure lard to school. And Cbeebies has been urging babies to binge out on burgers.

i am shure this is a cheap pro muslim propaganda slot to please the religion of peace followers and to hurt our pig industry..........

Of course! It's the BBC sucking up to the towel-heads! And the, erm, anti-pig-farmers! I've been such a fool...

Mark K: More on the ham sandwich ban (a bit OT but relevant) !

Trust me. Nothing is OT when it comes to nailing al-Beeb.

There is something a little more sinister and subtle about singling out ham as an example of unhealthy processed meat.

Yesss! We just got ourselves a Conspiracy!

There is a far more unhealthy processed meat product available in takeaways throughout the land - the dreaded doner kebab !

Dread is the word. Tell me more.

I find it surprising that the health Nazis don't single out the doner kebab out instead and leave us alone to enjoy our ham sandwiches.

World Cancer Research Fund = Health Nazis.

I've found a possible reason for casting pork products as the villains here - Muslims don't eat pork, but they also own kebab shops !

Oh My God, you're right. The Islamics! Again! They'll have us eating curries next!

Once again, NuLab Nazis pandering to Islamic taste.

Don't Jews also give ham a wide berth?

Anonymous: The BBC hates the Jews

So this is a halal scandal. Not a kosher one...

it's that simple.


  1. Do many parents put doner kebabs in their kids' lunchboxes? I'm fairly sure that would count as child abuse...

  2. It's Broken Britain, John B. Anything can - and does - happen.