Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Bin Laden's Glass Mountain

Martin is one of Biased BBC's leading philosophers. Recently, he proposed exciting new laws to solve the drug problem. Now, he's sorting out Afghanistan.

As I have pointed out before we should get out of Afghanistan.

Bold. And controversial. Your leader thinks we should be in there killing as many terrorists as possible.

If we get out of Afghanistan then the the people there will simply start killing each other (which is good)

Ingenious. But can we be sure that they'll do the job properly? There's bound to be one or two left after the slaughter. Then what?

As I also pointed out Bin Laden SHOULD have been buried under Tora Bora by turning it into a pile of solid glass.

You mean to say they ignored you? It's a brilliant idea. Not only will he be dead, but we'll all be able to see him
and make sure.

We should be encouraging Muslims to kill each other (for which they normally don't need that much encouragement) around the world.

It's in their genes. See another Islamic, and bang he's dead. Does make you wonder why Islamic nations are among the most populous on earth, though.

Afghanistan is a pointless shithole.

What was God thinking? Maybe one of his minions knocked it out on His Day Of Rest.

The people there are not worthy of saving.

I don't think Friends Provident were planning a Helmand branch, anyway.

leave them to it and who really cares how they treat females or children by the way?

Not us. We spit on women and kids. Feeble, second-rate beings...

I don't see the feminist movement taking up arms to fight out there to protect their sisters so why should we?

Yeah. Germaine Greer, where's your AK47, eh? Exactly....

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