Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Bill Clinton: The Bad Guy

If ever an institution understood diplomacy, it's Biased BBC, with its patient, carefully-couched, sotto-voce appeals to the BBC to mend its ways and stop kissing Muslim ass. Dear Leader David Vance has addressed the B-BBC cadres today on the subject of Bill Clinton's Korean diplomacy. Everyone has let the Dear Leader down...

It was entirely predictable that the BBC would present Bill Clinton's North Korean visit in glowing terms.

Agreed. Releasing two young Americans, one a mother, from 12 years of hard labour in a famine-riven regime is a stinker. If ever there was one.

Have a listen here to what is seven minutes of one sided opinion.

Appalling. I kept wondering when someone would speak up for letting the women rot in hell.

The perfectly reasonable view that Clinton's visit merely gives legitimacy to the tinpot tyrant Dear Leader is absent.

Agreed: A man who was once, in the world's eyes, a self-deluding megalomaniac with failing health now looks like Nelson Mandela in David Beckham's body. Without the tattoos. And all thanks to Bill.

it was Clinton who when President facilitated the Dear Leader getting nukes in the first place...

Wasn't that the Chinese, aided and abetted by the Pakistanis? No matter.

it really is poor form that the BBC presents this entire issue in positive terms

We can think of nothing good to say about the mother of an American 4-year-old being sprung from 12 years' hard labour in a totalitarian country bereft of food. Nothing positive at all.

...when in fact many people see this as rank amateur Obama diplomacy.

Many people think Obama was born a Muslim in Mombasa, too.

But hey - the two American journalists have now been released

Boo! Hiss!

so all is well and another example of how good Bill Clinton really is. Honest.

And how extraordinarily on-the-ball Biased BBC is. Oh, and humane, too.

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  1. Good God, B-BBC is a train-wreck. How do you keep sane around these people?
    The only problem with your blog is that one sometimes can't help oneself and goes to B-BBC and ends up feeling nauseous.
    What are the actual aims of B-BBC: Is it to highlight perceived bias? Is it a sort of "StormFront Lite®"?
    A great many (but not all) do get very angry when you or someone else points out the flies in their ointment. That's the sense I get from there: Anger.

    Keep up the good work and keep sane.