Thursday, 6 August 2009

Drop The Dead Tommy

They cried for Harry Patch, the last Tommy, today.

The fools.

If there's one thing being a B-BBC expert teaches you, it's to stand back from a big story, ignore the emotion, and sniff the air for bias.

David Vance is the Brigadier of Bias-sniffers at Biased BBC. Keyboard primed, he leads his commandos into battle against the massed ranks of BBC yeller-bellies:

I have followed some of the coverage of the burial today of Britain's last surviving World War I veteran Harry Patch

Damned good of you, David.

It took place at Wells Cathedral in Somerset. I know this is going to open me up to criticism BUT....

We're with you, skipper. Over the top you go.

Is it just me or did the BBC play up the fact that Mr Patch became quite a vocal pacifist in the latter part of his life?

So that was their game! The man was a Conchie!

I pay tribute to Harry Patch

His family will be very grateful. Him being a pacifist and all.

he enjoyed the liberty to argue against war because millions of other served their country too, fighting and winning for the freedoms we all have today.

Nod's as good as a wink, sir. Some sacrifices mean more than others.

The fact that Mr Patch believed that conflicts could be settled through negotiation and compromise, rather than war, fits perfectly into the narrative.

(Narrative = BBC Subversion in Advanced Vance)

Look, there's Gunner Greencoat:

I too am suspicious that the BBC's acclaim for Mr Patch is informed by the pacifistic statements he made in later life. By the way, I don't see how WW1, fought to prevent the destruction of the British nation and several others, was 'futile'.

Lions led by Lions. Wasn't it? Permission to speak, Anonymous:

Giving Mr Patch’s demise so much coverage made shilling his latter day pacifism unavoidable. One question is valid though. Would the BBC have shilled Mr Patch had he been an unrepentant warrior?

Absolutely not. They'd rather have shown the Test Card. Or El Dorado.

John A has found the BBC cowering in a shell-hole, hands over ears:

NEVER the bravery theme, the fortitude theme, the trench humour theme, never any assessment of why the costs were so high on both sides - and never any comparison between the slaughter on the Western Front and the far more moderate casualty lists from Iraq and Afghanistan. Like the first day of the first battle of the Somme costing 50 or more times the total dead in Afghanistan so far.

I thought we were against politicising the news?

The regimental historian IiD has some historical context:

Pacifism as we know it only came about in the Crimean War and was further defined by the Boar War

Boar War? Oh....Pacifists = Pigs. We getcha.

Finally, Atlas Shrugged has important news from the frontiers of knowledge:

Are you seriously suggesting that the BBC is actually collectively pacifist?

That's David's line, for sure. So it's ours.

May I remind you? This is the same BBC that has been encouraging terrorism all over the world since the thirties.

They make bin Laden look like a beginner.

This is the same BBC that helped in sacrificing thousands of British and French citizens during WW2, simply because it was told to by The MOD, and Military Intelligence. The BBC PACIFIST!!!! Surly you must be joking?

Stop calling me Surly.

OK; for sure the BBC would very much like you and the world to believe that it is. That is the nature of BLACK PROPAGANDA.

Jeez. Can we leave race out of this?

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