Monday, 3 August 2009

How The BBC Begat The BNP

Biased BBC is the definitive site for blowing the gaff on the White City propaganda factory which is Britain's national broadcaster. And now, thanks to Paddy, we have a definition of Biased BBC itself....

We enjoy this site as it is an opportunity to mouth off about the patent flaws in our state broadcaster.

I would never have guessed. But - hang on - what's this on the masthead:

Exposing the reporting bias of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Sounds a bit forensic to me. Perhaps
David Vance would agree to change it to:

"Mouthing off about the patent flaws in our state broadcaster."

Then again...maybe not. (It might suggest we're a bit light on evidence and - even worse - we've all made up our minds in advance.)

The organisation you support is morally bankrupt. From top to bottom smug selfrighteous parasites infest the beeb. It is a force or division and seperatism

Shines out of every pore. God Help Them.

It expounds diversity while preventing integration. It is promoting the Balkanisation of this country. It only serves to pull apart the delicate structures of our society setting race against race by deliberatley promoting one over another.

It's in the Protocols Of The Elders Of White City. So they have to do it.

Who's to blame for the shame of the BNPs rise,

The paranoid ignoramuses who vote for them?

the beeb and its guardianista fellow travellers.

Brilliant. Exposing racism inevitably brings it about.

If you forever ignore the majority and favour the minority you build up tensions and indignation.

If you do. But the BBC don't.

Your meddling friends at auntie are destroying something worth saving.

Bit fed up with this.
Arlene Phillips is too old. OK?

The UK is a tolerant liberal inclusive democracy.

Have you run this past
Vance? We at Biased BBC are not so keen on Muslims, gays and Irish Nationalists. And don't get Cassandra started on immigrants...

Sir you defend the indefensible. You share collective responsibility for the odious thugs who now represent this land in europe. Shame on you

Sir, I salute your logic. By objecting to racism, liberals carry the can for it. My shame knows no bounds.

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