Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Benny Hill's Death Star

Cassandra, Biased BBC's fully-fledged prophet, has been looking into the crystal ball again. And, thanks to the evil BBC, (s)he predicts a terrible fate for Britain - a cross between the Death Star and Benny Hill. Behind it all lurks Beeb coverage of global warming...

Every report could have been written by an ecofanatic/government stooge/greenie nutter, every report is designed to spread fear and uncertainty.

I go to bed every night with my heart pounding. It's true.

Fear is a potent weapon isnt it, every nasty regime in history has always played the fear card to manipulate the peasants

Unlike your friends in the BNP. They spend all their time encouraging warmth and friendliness.

Remember that to set up a dictatorship the ingredients are always the same throughout history, induce fear and uncertainty, pick a small group of whipping boy scapegoats that the mob can blame for their ills, create distractions so the peasants look one way while the conspiricy steals ever more rigts and freedoms from those same peasants.

Are you sure you're not thinking of Nick Griffin's mob?

While this is going on the commissars are quietly constructing a new post democratic era and its looking remarkably like the old east German GDR complete with fake parliament and frowing stasi,

I knew the Stasi were bad guys. But frowing? Jeez!

the media is being quickly subverted and very soon there will be no dissent coming thru the TV.

Only the brave survivors of Biased BBC left to carry the flame onward.

The people peddling thses fears about climate disasters are doing it because people wouldnt accept their perverted vision of their dark anti civilisation,

Dear God, no! What is this
dark anti civilisation of which you speak?

if they were honest and told us the truth they would be laughed and ignored

Not that dark, then, if we'd wet ourselves laughing and then ignore them...

when you look behind the false front can you start to see what these scumbags have planned for us all and it aint a pretty sight!

Don't stop there! What have they got planned for us? And how come it's gone dark again? We were roaring with laughter a second ago...


  1. oh dear lord, though I just got straw-manned and called a socialist so what do i expect really

  2. "Don't stop there! What have they got planned for us? And how come it's gone dark again? We were roaring with laughter a second ago...".

    I laughed until my eyes bled!